a little inspiration to all the offbeat photographers...


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Jun 27, 2003
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Here is a little inspiration to all of u offbeat rebel/renegade photographers that like to shoot somewhat disturbing depictions of reality and don?t always comply within the boundaries of photography..

Someone brought to my attention an earlier photographer by the name of Diane Arbus (1923-1971)... being that im an amateur, I've never heard of her, but I found her work to be very interesting... Her photographs were very shocking of her time ... She liked to photograph "freaks" and all things on the verge of society ... Her style was somewhat revolutionary for her time and liked to shoot things in a square, mostly with a wide angle lens, even people..

She studied under an Austrian Photographer, Lisette Model

the point is, dont be afraid to step out of the "box" .. there is room for all things considered ... Follow your heart, not someone else's

feel free to post other "offbeat" notables :D
you know what...last year in highschool, we were doing photography in our art class for one semester, and we also learned about Diane Arbus...in fact, I even had an exam where we had to analyse a photo of her....I'm not so much into analysing photos though ;)
im not a big fan of "critique" either, unless i knew what the photographer was trying to accomplish :eek:
ooohh...my favorite offbeat photographer is sandy skoglund. she's amazing, and her installation photography pieces are so interesting...they're strange, but appealing.

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