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Aug 4, 2003
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Between The Pipes
Took a few shots at the last Stars Game!!


Cool shots. I like the first as well
you must have had great seats to get that first one. I also like the first one.
Big Mike said:

lol whaaa? :mrgreen:

Well I cheated ...it was during warm ups, I ran down and sat by the camera guy since he had the best picture spot and it was, next time I think I might do the same thing... It seems they like to slam the pucks at that side (personaly I think its for the shock value) at least 3 girls behind me screamed and ducked..sheesh...girls..hehe
Love #2, really nice tones in the b/w :thumbsup:
Great job on the first one - it's a sport we don't have in much abundance over here, so it's interesting to see that gantry and the crowd. Are they a good team then?

The lighting on the first one is amazing. I might think about cropping out some of the colour at the top (and perhaps some of the space to the left) so the eye is more drawn to the figure and the fab lighting! :D
Thank you everyone on your suggestions and comments.

Trance, I was up against the glass on those ones, like nose pressed up against the glass close..lol

Rob, Yeah they are a really good team and fun to shoot :)

I will try to get more next time, our next game to go to is in April. I took a bunch of shots, but for some reason they all came out blury but the boards came out crystal clear..woot...so if you want a Dr. Pepper or some Pizza Hut shots, I'm your shooter...oyee...
Alison said:
Love #2, really nice tones in the b/w :thumbsup:
I agree, and the perspective is really great, too....although I'm also digging the green light in the first one.

Cool shots! :thumbup:

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