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Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by sordidsentinel, Apr 23, 2008.

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    I am a relatively new collecter, and somewhat of a photography newbie (I will be active in the beginner forums!).

    I have a few oldies and was wondering about opinions from more experienced photographers on usability and value.

    I use, on a regular basis, my Pentax MZ-5, it's not very classic, I imagine, as most of it is automatic if you choose for it to be.

    My backup is my father's old Pentax K-1000. I used this camera for the high school newspaper about 12 years ago.

    And I recently acquired a Voigtländer Prominent I. I believe this is really the start of my collection and it's in excellent condition. It comes with a Proximeter II, Kodablitz flashbulb, a Weston exposure meter, and a Horvex exposure meter. One lens came with it, a 50/3.5 Color Skopar. Some reading up on this camera reveals some exceptional quality but quirky design? Is this true? I would love to use it but it is designed much differently than any camera I have ever used...

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    The Prominent is a fine start to any collection.

    Wonderful to own and admire -- not so easy to use. But, then, that's
    true of many fine, vintage cameras.

    Some very good lenses were made for the Prominent like the f/1.5 Nokton and
    Ultron lenses.
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    Great way to start! Yes, as Compur mentioned above, the Prominent is a wonderful camera when is working right. They were quirky but the quality of their lenses made up for that. The Skopar is a great lens design but I would really look for a Nokton. That's one of the best pairings for the Prominent.

    Good luck with your collection, if you have any questions PM me.

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