a new old pinhole camera


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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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Actually I have a box full of carcuses from when I was learning how to build polaroids. I had to have lenses for the larger ones I made, so I have dead bodies all over the place. I just pulled out one and stuck a pin holer on it. Now if someone on ebay wants to buy it I will be thrilled.

By the way, I saw you have the Panasonic digital. I recommended it to my nephew without ever touching one. How the heck can you go wrong with a leica lens on a digital camera made by an electronics company. It just made sense. He loves his, doesn't even want a nikon or canon but he does what a medium format digital back.

The only digital I own, is the one I made the pictures of this camera with. It is an off brand cheapo point and shoot. It is so bad that I have to use closeup lenses just to make it sharp at all. But then I'm a retro kinda guy.

I am thinking now of a bow wow on an old tourist body I have. Just for me noone else would want to go through the trouble of the 620 film. Not sure I do either.
yes, i cant really fault the Panasonice mine has a maximum apature of f2.8 through out :mrgreen:

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