A "New" Photographer From Finland! Hello :)

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    Hello! Typed "photography forum" in Google and got this site. So I really had to register, since I got my Canon EOS 500D just last week! :)

    I used to take pics with my family's compact camera. People told me they liked my pictures and said I should really get a better camera. I read some articles and soon became aware and annoyed by all the flaws and features my stupid little camera was missing! :lol:
    So I bought the system camera. Been trying to learn it, but haven't really had any real situations to use it in. Just some random nature photos, and pic of my girlfriend's dog! :D Hoping to take it with me to some of my hobbies (badminton or tennis, maybe) and take pics there. Although I think I'm currently more interested in photographing nature...

    Now that I've seen some serious photography by other people here I realise how damn much I still have yet to achieve for photos that great. I just started high school this year, so I haven't had any kind of "education" for this.

    Oh well, I'm sure no one cares. :lol: Anyways, some pics by me:
    Canon EOS 500D Practicing pictures by Samipe_p - Photobucket

    So hello everyone! :) Hope to talk to you soon!
    -Sami K.


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