A Newbie in deep doo doo. HELP!

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Apr 24, 2009
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Hello to all you photographers who know what they're doing and/or learning new ways to do something you've done for years. I have been a "vacation pics never-ending" photographer for years and years -
tells you how old I am :blushing:. BUT, now I am making jewelry to sell on Etsy. Well, making the jewelry is fun and I'm learning more by the day. However this process requires very sharp photos of things as small as earrings and things as large as an 18" necklace. I have a Cannon EOS Rebel XT with a 55mm lens and a telephoto lens. I do not have a macro lens and would perfer not to invest in one unless it is required. Seems I could get great shots with this great camera, but my expertise is better suited to the little Olympus point and shoot digital I got a few years ago. Any help out there????? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. I must conquer this photo obstical. Thanks again, Lucky Ladybug
Welcome to the forum.

Your camera and most likely you lens should be just fine for this type of thing. What you will want to get (if you don't have already) is a tripod and some sort of lighting & small studio set up. Check out THIS SITE and see if you can get some good ideas.
Thanks so much, I think a Tabletop Studio is in my future.

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