A night on the town take 2


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Jun 21, 2003
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Hi Guys and Girls!!

I've missed you all lately. Working sux!

Anyway, went into town yesterday to grab some late night pics. Took tonnes, deleted heaps, edited lots and got home with my wallet, camera and kidneys (always a plus when you go out).

Here's one of the Cathedral in town. I had to sepia it as the contrast in light and dark was just too much to compensate without doing multiple exposures, bracketing etc etc.


As per norm all criticism more than welcome :)
this seems to happen with your pics luckydog
i saw it when you first posted it and now its gone
i didnt get a chance to reply then
from what i remember i loved the tones u used on it
Fingers crossed it's back now!

All my fault too, as i changed the album it is sitting in on phototalk and forgot about in here.

Excuse the fool and his computer :) I won't make the same mistake twice (touch wood).
Very nice! I love all of the shadows! The layers are very interesting. I can't imagine it not in sepia tones. I think it was the perfect way to handle this photo.

Majestic Architecture. And Good choice on the exposure. A little judicious cropping might focus the tower but I dolove Flying Butresses and they are nice here. Dunno. Probably no crop.

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