A photo challenge between friends.


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Mar 18, 2013
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Oceanside, CA
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No idea where to put this so I'm just closing my eyes (practically) and dropping it anywhere. Mods feel free to move me!

One of my closest friends purchased a Canon Rebel XS slightly before I got my first DSLR. He doesn't have a real hobby in life and tends to feel kind of flat about lots of things. He's a pretty laid back guy. I'd love to see him share the same interest I've grown to have in photography (and I think he's starting to). I thought if I could make it fun for him and get him out shooting we could have a blast together. So what I'm thinking is, we have share a day off every week and I think it would be cool to select a category of some kind, a theme, and each of us shoot a few images related to that theme and post them for our friends to enjoy on Facebook (largest run on sentence all time).

He currently just has the Rebel XS and the kit lens so the themes need to be something doable within those equipment parameters and what I'd like is to hear some if your ideas as to what some cool things to shoot would be.

Thanks for your time :)
Hmm good point. Maybe I can find some that will work with our limitations.
The key is to find some 'common ground' subject that you'd both like to photograph, then go there. If he or you isn't interested in the subjects, there won't be any 'heart' in it. It doesn't have to be a weekly "let's go shoot" type of thing. Maybe once a month is sufficient. Simply coordinating schedules and 'who drives?' may limit your times together as well.

However, since you're ocean side, go out and photograph some surfers, or just plain 'ol beach bums. Maybe some 'red sails in the sunset' or something like that. How about the San Diego Zoo that I used to see critters from on Johnny Carson? Old buildings, downtown, or even take a day-trip to Anahiem and see/shoot Disneyland! Car/motorcycle/boat shows, sidewalk art shows, etc, also come to mind.

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