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    Since I'm lax for pictures lately, thought I'd post something. :roll:


    Your rhythm was artificial;
    I could tell by the way
    the street buzzed in syncopation
    from the soles of your
    leather shoes.
    Though you walked,
    the sidewalk scenery
    remained unchanged
    as hesitation lingered
    (still smashed from cocaine).
    You never stopped to notice,
    the bags under her eyes,
    or that she possessed
    an odor so foul that she'd
    never been loved.
    Instead you saw her beauty,
    (it was more an opportunity)
    and sat with her on her stairs.
    You even took her hand,
    like she was your soulmate
    for the time being,
    and looked through the smog,
    beyond your gutter
    to a distant hope.
    For once you let her
    believe in angels.

    Your hand crept up her back;
    You told her
    as you whispered
    down her chest,
    promises that you'd
    offend her.


    I was just messing around the other day, thought I might as well do something with it. :)


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