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    It is not an image viewer like ACDSee,or an image editing tool like MS Paint, or a whole solution for digital image processing like PhotoShop. Otherwise, it is just a tool for digital photographer (both professional and amateur)! You can name it as an image enhancer or color enhancer. The main value of this product is it can give you a pleasing picture while you are not satisfied of your original shot.

    It can give you a lot of magic powers on your favorite picture as following

    - Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue on demand

    - Balance the color of overall scene by a 'Click'!

    - Red eye remove by a 'Click'

    - Open shadow/highlight detail

    - Ten kinds of color effects such as Grayscale, Sepia.

    - Simulate 17 traditional wratten temperature correct filters

    - Simulate traditional solarize processing

    - Correct boring noise introduced from high ISO value

    - Enhance overall brightness/color automatically

    - Sharpen/Blur the image on demand

    - Several special effects like charcoal, oil paint, fog and emboss

    - Exif information extracting and exporting

    product homepage http://www.eggvision.com/english/products.html

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    Where am I now?
    I could be wrong but I think this is spam - at least I think it needs moving to the right forum.
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    "You CANNOT crop, rotate, resize your picture or add text to your picture with it.... (snip)... The main value of this product is to bring you a pleasing picture while you are not satisfied with your original shot."

    Honesty is a virtue I suppose, but that said it's a rather limited program. I don't suppose anyone here will pay the $50 for it considering what else is out there.

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