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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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The promise:




It is too dark and too windy for any more innovative macro photography of our just opening up Siberian Iris. Therefore just the conventional shots...
Actually, I quite like the "promise" pic quite well, myself, do you?
Nicely done Corrina. I like both shots. I agree the blue/green looks great together.
Gorgeous! Love the first one !! its striking to me.. Nicely done COrinna
I like the second purely because the flower's beauty is revealed. In pic. 1 it is tense as how your flower will look is a mystery.

I thought the first one was a strange leaf with a blue lizard in it. Strange.
I must agree, the first image "promise" with your clever focus here, is my favorite, too! It has more visual interest and makes you look "deeper" into the image.

I quite like it! :thumbup:

But they are both lovely shots. So much GREEN, I can't imagine why! ;)
beautiful shots of a beautiful flower... :thumbup:
Awww. Thank you so much.
In #1 the first point my eyes are drawn to is the out of focus area; don’t like that fact. IMO the angle is off a little. I am OK with the DOF and do not mint out focus foreground. You did a nice job with #2 other that centering it in the frame. You broke that rule intentional right?

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