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Sep 14, 2007
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I have a RAW file and am trying to make a pseudo HDR image from it. what I have been doing is changing the exposure (In CS2) and saving it as a TIF. So I end up with 9 pictures (from -4 to +4) saved as TIF's. Then I go automate => merge to HDFR and choose all 9 pictures but then at the end it says there is not enough dynamic range to make an effective HDR and the whole process ends. Am I doing this right? is there a different/proper way to make a pseudo HDR from a RAW file?

thanks in advance
It's because the files have all the same EXIF information. Open each of them and copy/paste into a new document to dump the EXIF. Then it should work.

Edit: I can add that Photomatix doesn't have this problem. Much better and easier program for HDR generation!
ok thanks, if this does not work I'll try photomatix
Yeah, CS3 may prompt you for the exposure settings using that technique.

I'm thinking about shooting bracketed exposures and providing links to the RAW files so everyone can have a go at HDR and compare CS3 to Photomatix, etc.

-Shea :mrgreen:
I tried it with both and was not happy with the results so I think today I am going to try bracketing exposures of a random/test subject and try it again with 9 different shots not 1 RAW file

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