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Dec 19, 2015
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Winnipeg, Canada
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Hi again folks. Still learning my D7200 and have another question. When using the built in flash and aperture priority, all settings, eg shutter speed, and iso remain constant regardless of where the aperture is set. Does this mean the flash output changes as the shutter is pressed all the way down?
All the exposures seem good.
Yes, TTL or whatever name your brand uses will send a preflash (invisible) and adjust output for the fired flash.

That said I have NEVER used the built in flash. I rarely use any speedlights although I own 4 professional units and I will only occasionally use strobes...and I have a full studio. :D
If you would like the ability to change some of the settings, you could use the built-in flash in P or Programmed Automatic exposure mode, which will allow you to make changes using the thumb wheel on the back top right of the camera.

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