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Mar 9, 2006
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Hello I am new here and I was wondering if someone could tell me about a good digital camera for amateur photography.
I really like black & white pictures and would like a digital camera with that kind of feature. I was looking at the Canon PowerShot S21S / PowerShot G6 / PowerShot A610 / or the PowerShot A620.
I only have $200 or $300 dollers or so and would appreciate any input. If anybody can tell of a better camera i would also appreciate that information as well. Thank You.
The Canon compacts are pretty good. Generally with digital you are better off shooting in colour and using photoshop or similar to convert to B&W. This gives you the effective ability to add filters to enhance the image as you can selectively boost the individual colour channels to suit the situation. Cameras with a B&W function generally just even out the RGB and desaturate the image, which gives a fairly flat dull image, you'll be able to achieve better yourself with post-shot manipulation.

Look at dpreview, go into a store and hold a few. Ignore megapixels and meaningless sales gumpf and see what you think.


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