A Rescue Too Late


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Mar 12, 2006
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St. Catharines Ontario Canada
Ok, I was only having fun with this image. I think it could be a decent shot, but I think the rescue floating device thing has too much blow out on it. Am I right? If I am, is there a way I could fix this using PSP or PS?


You will have to resize this one considerably for anyone to really appreciate and critique it. Many will have to scroll up and down and sideways to get it and that does not help. In this size, the fact that the life buoy is blown out (which it is) shows clearly, and it also becomes apparent that the picture is not all crisp and sharp. From what I can see, I am not too sure I like the composition, either - to me it has something of a snapshot (sorry), and your caption (title) only slightly rescues it.
Well, as far as ps'ing the overexposed parts on the floatation device, there is some adjustments you can make with levels and curves, But As far as my limited experience, the parts that are completely blown out, there isn't much that you can do besides maybe make a color overlay layer and paint it. Cool capture though.

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