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Jun 27, 2003
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i just got done with a photo shoot of a young lady that had been in the works for one week.. she emailed me a sample photo.. everything looked promising ... she gets here, she looked a little young, so i asked ... turns out, she's 17 yrs old :shock:

i had her sign a model release, but to my understanding, minors cant give consent? ... she is a model, and said her agent and mom said it was ok ... i dont know ... what do u think should happen at this point? ... im thinking i shouldnt release her photos to her until i have signed signature from her parent or agent?

i dont want to be a hassle, but i want to cover my own bum as well :? .... what would u do?
Well I know that minors cannot enter a binding contract, so the guardian will need to sign the contract.
Exactly, you can't release it until the guardian signs it.

I did a shoot with a soon to be model a few montha ago (she was about that age), I didn't have her sign a model release, we did this all for free and her Dad was with her. We agreed that she can do whatever with the photos (I really don't care for the credit of them) and I can do whatever with mine. I even gave her the film negatives and a copy CD of the digital files.

It was just for my school assignment/portfolio, that's all I wanted. I'll never use these photos for anything but my website.
i would only use them for my portfolio as well, but one day her parent may decide she doesnt want me using them ... u know? ... i explained to her that she can use them to promote herself, but she cannot sell them ... plus i was a little disappointed that i couldnt have her pose the way i wanted her too ... she's a minor :? darn
nothing nude or anything, but i kinda wanted some sexy facial expressions :lol: ... but not with a minor ... i just got a handful of "teenager" looking shots, for right now, i want all my female subjects to look naughty :p
Sexy expressions are fine for a 17 yr old. It's not like you're shooting pornography.
i just couldnt do it, so i told her to make silly faces or look serious, but i didnt tell her to look "sexy" ... i wouldn't have felt good about it :? so now i have to ask for a driver's liscense :lol:
Yeah, I can understand where you are coming from. You can never be too careful when it comes to those under 18.

I know it'll be on my mind when I am shooting pics of the little one :D

Too many stories of parents getting arrested for child pornography when all they were doing was snapping a photo of an innocent moment. :shrug:
i sent her an email saying that i cant release the photographs without her parent or guardian's signature on the model release ... she said her mom and agent said it was ok ... but i need it in writing
I love the first photo.

She has nice lips, reminds me of a model from college.

You could have done a lot of nice lip shots with that girl...may be too sexy though..?
well, i guess it keeps me on my toes to get a little more creative with a minor ... i love to work with models and actors/actresses ... most of the time they arent as stiff and know how to pose as oppose to "everyday people" ... she was pretty much a natural ...

kids i dont mind working with (although i havent yet) .. its the teenagers where u get into the grey area ... most of the time, the females want to look older than they are...

but today i have a trans-sexual looking subject ... so wish me luck :lol:
Yah, some close up shots would have been great.

I do like that first shot however.

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