A story from my countryside life.


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Sep 8, 2005
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Hi guys.

As you may have seen from my avatar earlier, I come from Troms in Nothern Norway. Northern Norway is the least populated area in Norway, but almost everyone up here, has the landscapes and nature as a big part of themselves.

The only city close to my home, is Finnsnes. It has about 8000 citizens. I kno some of you is laughing already, but that's alright.
I'll just cut to the case..

In Finnsnes there is a small alpine slope, where I went one night. I am not really happy with any of these shots, but I wanted to tell how a bit more about the place where I live..

#1: The entire slope, seen from the bottom..

#2: At once I pulled up my camera, it seemed everybody got interested in jumping so close to me as possible.

#3: This young girl thought I was working for the local newspaper, and she begged me to photograph her.

#4: The elevator (is that the right word?) had trouble often, and it gave me the opportunity to take this shoot. These girls though I was working for the news paper as well.. :lmao:

.. Every comment is welcome.
you've got some nice scenery where you live. Wish there was mountains like that here
Hey Foffen, that was an entertaining post. I love the mountain scenery in the background of photo 2.
Cool shots Foffen. Count me in for 2 and 3 as my faves too.
Thank you all of you for your comments, they sure means a lot to me.

Antarctican: I'm very glad that you find it interesting, 'cause I was afraid that this post would bore you.
Not at all, Foffen. It's always interesting to see what life is like in other parts of the world. And you're from a part (northern Norway) not a lot have seen. I was on a boat that circumnavigated Svalbard in 2004 for 9 days (with lots of landings to see the polar bears and walruses etc). I also had a few days in Oslo beforehand. Other than that, haven't seen much of your beautiful country, but it sure whetted my appetite. So keep posting, my friend.
Thank you so much. I will keep on posting, I promise. Your words of praise means a lot to me. I bet your trip around Svalbard was worth both the time and the money, - the northern parts of Norway has a lot to offer, I can assure you.

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