A tasteful Lingerie Shoot.........!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 7, 2006
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Rochester, New York
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This was my first lingerie shoot. She wanted to do this for her boyfriend and have a poster size photo printed for Valentines Day. :heart: I hope you like them!!!!





sorry, have to say it, she looks miserable. Nothing in the eyes that says "want".

Nothing against you as the photog, but all in the subject. She seems bored out of her gourd. The shots also feel a bit soft to me as well, could be more crisp.

I could be way off base, no harm intended. just my novice $.02
I agree she looks bored. On the other hand, if my wife did a photoshoot like this for me, I wouldn't care what look she had on her face.
sorry, have to say it, she looks miserable. Nothing in the eyes that says "want".

Agreed and the last one is out of focus the subject is the eyes, not some eyelash and most of the eyebrow.

I also believe you should use more dramatic lighting, Use a kicker in there and a key with no fill or something, something to make it more...enticing than the flat light that's as is.
yea her expression isn't great in some of them, but for a wall poster i think the first one is ok... with a few adjustments ;)....





This was just using levels and curves to begin with... then using curves adjustments on selected areas. The white clothing was masked at all times to avoid blow out. Then sharpen to finish, a bigger file would give better results as i have introduced some pixelation here.
Also i think you must have whitened the eyes?... i had trouble trying to keep the brightness down and even had to burn the white back a little, so in the original file you just wanna dodge them a little but not alot.
I do agree with you all about her expression. I asked her if she wanted to smile in them but she said she wanted a "serious" look.

A few of them are a tad soft. I am ordering lighting but as of now I only have my flash and I used natural light. I know lighting would of made this alot better.

I am still pretty happy with they the way they came out and I KNOW her boyfriend will be happy too. :)
I agree about her expression too. Her face doesn't say "sexy", it says "get this photog out of my face"...the only one I really like is the last one, not because of your work, but because her expression is more soft and her eyes stand out more.
Here is one of her smiling but it doesn't have that "I'm sexy" feel to it.

I actually r eally like that one...it doesnt exactly have to say "sexy"...but I feel like if the choices are happy and cute or serious and mad, id go with happy and cute.
ya i was going to say what everyone else has said but i wont so all i WILL say is DITTO....

i dont think i am brave enough to do a shoot like that.
As a man My only comment about her expression She had one? Didnt notice. LOL actually very nice shots and I like the one of her where she's smiling
ya i was going to say what everyone else has said but i wont so all i WILL say is DITTO....

i dont think i am brave enough to do a shoot like that.

I actually used a Victoria Secret Catalog for inspiration. Its wasn't so bad taking the photos and I was just unsure of "poses" for this style portrait shoot.
I think she probably wasn't bored at all, maybe that just is her sexy face. LOL KWIM? I get accused of looking mad a lot when really I am not at all, it's just an expression that doesn't read the same as my feelings at the moment. Maybe you could play some type of music I'm not sure why this is but I have heard Raggae is good for these shoots. LOL
...sexy face!

ROFL! No... what DO you mean?!? ;o) As far as music... You need the classic; "Barry White!"

Before I loose track; I like the second one and IMO, that is your best shot as a poster child! I do agree on the facial expression but I don't think you could control that, she has to. I have shot dozens of those sessions and I know that sometimes facial expressions are that last thing on your mind. You're looking at lighting, poses, making sure the tummy is sucked in and the back is arched with the head tilted down correctly... and with less clothes, the better the chances are you will not get a flattering body image.

I think you did great and I think you can redeem yourself in number 2. If a re-shoot is an option, give her a drink or 2 and break out the "Bom-chic-a wah-wah" sound track and have fun!
It appears, to me, you may be using too many lights. I count at least three to four catchlights in her eyes. My approach would be to use one main lightsource and try to bounce it for fill, I may also add one light behind her for some hairlighting, and more fill. I would also pull her much farther away from the backdrop to get rid of unwanted cast shadows. She is sexy, though!

Less is more.

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