A Victorian view


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Feb 16, 2006
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Haslingden churchyard. This view seemed to me to retain something of the character that the Victorians might have seen. Or is that just my romantic imaginings? For more info go to http://photoreflect.blogspot.com

I wouldn't think so, no, it cannot only be your "romantic imaginings"! There is nothing there that disturbs the impression, no street signs, no modern street light, no cars, no aerials on the roofs of the houses -- indeed, this is a view that could be over 100 years old! What an eye to be seeing this, appreciating it for what it is, and taking this photo! Congratulations!
^^^ Lafoto eloquently put my thoughts into words. It does indeed look like a view frozen in time
Amazing shot... I often pass on a shot because of the power lines, cars, planes, etc that just don't belong in what I want to capture. I love this shot...

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