A wedding with no experience?


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May 30, 2006
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My sister in law was wondering if I would do her wedding in December. I've never even attempted a wedding, obviously it would be free for her, and I would have a digital class at college this fall where I could probably improve.... but should I say no since I've never done a wedding? I don't want to do a poor job, you know? :blushing: If I did want to do it, would I need some kind of lighting fixture.... all I have is a camera with its lame flash, and they're getting married in the Illinois winter so outdoor pictures is going to be questionable if you knwo what I mean :mrgreen:
This is easy. It is not a wise move to cover a wedding without enough experience.

Edit: See if you can assist/second shoot a wedding photographer in your area for a handful of weddings before Dec. Or you could second shoot for weddings, if any, in your family/friends circle. The reason why I'm saying is because Weddings cannot be re-staged. I don't intend to dampen your spirits. It's just that people often assume that weddings are easy and all you need is the needed gear, but it is not necessarily the case.
danalec99 said:
This is easy. It is not a wise move to cover a wedding without enough experience.
I agree. It's too important of an occasion. I could see it if you were an accomplished portrait photographer looking to branch out, even if you didn't have wedding experience, but I don't think you'll get what you need from a class or two. It really takes time behind the lens.
Where in Ill are you? We're based out of Indy, and have done mentorships with up-and-coming wedding photographers. If you're up to a few road-trips, you're welcome to come out with us a few times this summer. We're solid pretty much every weekend through November.

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