A weird problem...please help!


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May 11, 2006
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Hey guys,

I'm a complete n00b with photography but I have a problem with a .JPG image on my harddisc that needs solving.

Ok, I have a picture of someone on my computer that has the face blacked out, but! When the picture is a thumbnail the face is visable but to small to see the face. and I dont' have the first clue on how to open the picture without the face blacked out. If anyone knows what I am talking about please help me.

Thanks in advance
Perhaps upload the picture to somewhere like flikr and post it here, I can't really see how a picture could be auto-thumbnailed different to how it actually appears when opened. Also, maybe try downloading picassa from google and seeing if that works for the picture.

I get that phenomenon sometimes that I edit a picture, but the preview thumbnail in the Windows Explorer, for example, keeps the original version all the while, as if I hadn't only just edited the picture.

I don't understand, however, how a face can be all blackened by the system. Which system would do it? And then leave the preview untouched?
ok, my guess is that windows has created a preview for the image before it was edited..... then even after the alterations, it still shows the image as it was. However the image as it is now, is how it will stay the process cannot be reversed with a jpeg. The blacked out face is now part of the flattened image, the only way you'll get the pic with the face is to find the original.

I sometimes have a similar thing when creating design artwork..... the preview icon in the folder sometimes doesn't change even when i'v made huge alterations.
sounds like a screw up in the thumbs.db file located in the directory of the picture. perhaps delete the file and allow the system to recreate it from the current image. The file is a hidden system file so to delete it you will have to enable the viewing of those types of files in windows explorer (assuming your working on a windows based system)

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