A white rose

I LOVE white roses!! Be sure to clone out those little back specs.
Im so sorry to hear of your loss, my dad passed 2 months ago so I understand your sadness.
How nice!
You put up your white rose.
It is the best of your close-ups, but you have taken many other good close-up pics of the flower arrangements on Friday! It's a pity the weather was so bad and cold, many flowers were dirty and withering even then, on their first day...

(Wie schön!
Du hast die weiĂźe Rose hier hingeschickt.
Dies die schönste deiner Nahaufnahmen, aber du hast noch viele andere schöne gemacht von dem Blumenschmuck am Freitag!! Schade, dass das Wetter so doof und kalt war, dass viele Blumen schmutzig oder schon halb verwelkt waren, schon dann, am ersten Tag...)

(Thought I might as well speak German with my daughter; several of your replies have me translate them for her, anyway ;)).

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