A witch's grave


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Feb 16, 2006
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I took this photograph for the architecture of the church, but post it for the interesting witch's grave. Can you work out which one it is? For more info go to http://photoreflect.blogspot.com

Wonderful DOF and awesome building and subject.
i was born in Mass. lived in Beverly and Salem for years as a young lad.
so i find the story interesting.
Nice one! I love the contrast between the roof of the church and the soft white clouds. The rock caught my eye right away, which made my hair stand on end when I read the story.

The roughness of the way the bricks were laid and the crookedness of the old headstones contrast with how straight the roof's lines appear, and with the weathervane providing precise directions, which brings to mind the significance of direction in the witch's story.

Very interesting story and photo. I her stone marked?
There are no obvious marks on the gravestone, but there is a little plaque nearby noting the basic information.
I actually thought it might be the rock, kind of as a "joke" in my mind: "Oh, it must be the plain rock." And then it was!

I love the photo, and that it is in black and white. I love cemeteries so much.
she's a witch, burn her!
This is fab! Love the look of this photo.. Something creepy about it, but the church sets you at ease...
LOve the shot. Nicely done. Im off to read the story now.

wow...awesome story too. !!

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