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Dec 1, 2011
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Some Where In the Desert
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So I took a couple of my past images that I liked and worked some color into them. Keep in mind this in now way is supposed to represent reality. Its supposed to represent a more of a dream/fantasy world.
I know right off the start some of you will hate it and thats cool. I was interested in feedback. I went to a photography shop and they had a contest going on about color. Taking a photo and adding unnatural colors to it. I am thinking about

here is two shots with added color. What say you.

This was a shot of agua caliente park I did a while back. I always have liked this photo and I used a nik filter along with using the paint brush tool to paint in color.

Aqua Caliente color by VIPGraphX, on Flickr

This as from my recent past thread. This image was a slightly different angle and made it more of a panorama. I copied the top part of the sky and blended pasted it lower and blended it in. If I did just a crop it took away from the sky and felt incomplete.
I also used a few nik filters along with softening the image and masking more sharpness to the first tree.

trees amigos color by VIPGraphX, on Flickr

Interested to hear the feedback.
Hmm, on the merits of believability my pick would go to #2.

The color treatment doesn't do any favors for either of these pictures. If it abosultely MUST be done, then I would make sure that the color overlays don't bleed into the natural objects. The palms and grass look questionable in #1 because they have the same color treatment as the rest of the image. I wold mask out color treatment so it doesn't touch natural objects that aren't sky/water.

If you can pull/stretch colors already existing in the image rather than introduce a myriad of new colors like in #1 you might find nicer results. Topaz adjust has a filter called Exposure color stretch that may work to some degree.
This contest is about making your photos somewhat abstract in color. Some of the photos I have seen already up on the wall are quite fluorescent-ish. I am not sure what they are exactly looking for but the title is "Photo With Color"
I guess its just about running with it. Since I saw many of the other images with soooo much color I figured perhaps that was the direction. But, you could be right and bringing out more of the natural colors within the picture. I never have
entered into a photo contest so this should be interesting.

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