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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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Now I always knew I was born into the wrong century. I could see me more with a huge view camera and a pony going door to door. It just seems to be my style of doing things. I am much more comfortable not only with film but with old, old cameras. I don't know about unvented darkrooms, but I could manage I think.

What I didn't know was that I was born in the wrong part of the world. I posted some pictures on a Russian website. Low and behold I got comments. At first the comments were pretty mediocre. After only a couple pf picture I found (from the comments) that I had a style. Not only that. but the style was appreciated by the photographers in the old world. It seems My style of neo classical nonsense doesn't offend their sensibilities. Probably because it is still a little more low tech in that part of the world. Then again maybe it is a more mature audience.

More likely it's because I don't write in their forum, I haven't yet offended the Russian elite. If and when I do, at least I am far enough way that they won't come for me in the middle of the night. Does anyone know if homeland security monitors the Russian art websites. My wife is really worried. I buy camera stuff directly from china, and Russia. And now I have pictures on a Russian website. Not so much that I will disappear in the middle of the night per sae, it's more that long wait for the insurance without a body.

Oh well it is another interesting twist for my bio.
Just go quietly, they won't beat you much if you go willingly. Heck, maybe they will deport you to China or Russia and you can then get your cameras without the heafty shipping.

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