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Darn that lens cap!
Apr 8, 2006
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Hi all,

I've been poking around the site for the past few weeks now, and posted a couple of times, but never noticed this option to introduce myself until now.

I'm a bit shy about posting here, because I'm not the most photographically educated person, but intend on learning. I've been the family's photographer since I was little, when my uncle let me use his old Polaroid cameras at family gatherings, and having that stack of photos in my hands at a young age (maybe 8yrs), that were made by me, got me hooked.

I'm now using a Nikon D70S, and am trying to learn as much as I can in order to apply the technical aspects to photography, and combine that with the abilities I've gained to date. My sister and I have aspirations of owning our own photography business one day. She is in college, and I'm an old married woman (30). ;)

I feel as if I know a few of you already, and some of the photos I've seen are awe-inspiring. :hail:

I look forward to being a part of the forum!

welcome carddesigner, dont be shy, share your pics! :)
carddesigner said:
and I'm an old married woman (30). ;-)
First off, age is just a freakin number!! :p

Welcome to TPF!! :)
Welcome and don't be shy. Enjoy your stay at TPF.

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