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Jun 8, 2006
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Hi Everyone!
My name is Yvonne and I am a 17 years old girl from Norway and loves to take pic :p . I am a stabel girl, but don`t have eny horses. Have to rabbits whit the name Holly and Molly ( I am so good to give my Animals name *not* lol). I am not a good photographer, but I am hoping to get better =). My English is not so good :blushing: ;)

Here is some of my pic.

My rabbit Holly:


Holly and Molly:
Welcome aboard!:)
Welcome, Yvonne!

The rabbits are so cute! :D

I hope you can learn a lot here at the forum - start posting and have fun.
Awww... How cute! Meanwhile welcome to TPF.
Bergen eh! :D

We were in Bergen and it was raining. We asked a local boy if it always rained in Bergen to which he replied "I don't know. I'm only 13"! :lol:

Seriously, Bergen is lovely and our 4 day stop there was bright & sunny!

When we were there Bryggen was still being restored. Has it been completed yet and do you have any photos of it to share here? :thumbup:
Restored? Do you mean from WWII or something? I was there when I was ten or something like that and I can't remember it being restored.

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