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May 2, 2006
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In this picture i was trying to bring out the lines and colors of a plant. i photoshoped it a little..changed the contrast a bit. Is the picture ok?
It's a pretty cool shot I think. I would be tempted to fiddle with the hue and saturation to really bring out the colour. It's also possibly a little bit dark, but this could be the hosting or some other factor.

Hi icebucket.

Interesting. Have you tried rotating 180 degrees and then a lateral inversion so that the darker areas appear at bottom right ? Then perhaps some other adjustments ? Just a thought.
i agree with rob. needs the colours to come out more and it does look a little dark on my monitor too
what other adjustments should i change? i have already changed the contrast and brightness a bit..
So many adjustments in Photoshop... so many possible combinations... it very much depends on your intent: if its lines and colours why not try the shadow/highlight adjustment and then some unsharp masking... if the picture is for you then only you can decide if its 'ok'. Some folk like low contrast, some folk like it high. Intention is everything. Play with it, make multiple copies, check out Variations, save them and then look at them later. Print a few. Stick 'em close by and see how they change (or is it your perception) over the days and weeks that follow. Most of all: enjoy.

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