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Apr 24, 2009
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I really enjoy abstract photography and photomanipulations. By "abstract", I don't mean solarized cat pictures or pictures of your nephew doing karate with streaks of light circling around his limbs; I mean abstract as in the basic elements of an image (e.g. shape, form, geometry, color, composition...) rendered with regard to aesthetics and without regard to specific context. When some context enters the picture, it tends to become more "surreal" than "abstract" -- (not to be too slavish to the nomenclature.)
Evaluating or critiquing abstract art in any depth is usually difficult. From a technical standpoint, evaluating aesthetic integrity without reference points requires diligence and a measure of creativity. This is part of the reason why it's easier to simply place a piece of abstract art in the "yay" "nay" or "maybe" categories; if you can explain why, all the better--but if you can't it's more than understandable.
I'd love to see other people's abstract photomanipulations. I have a ton but here is my most recent:

(I'm not specifically asking for opinion on this but if you do offer it please try to explain yourself, however briefly.)

Anyone have something along the general lines of abstract photomanipulation they might want to share?
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It's meant to be abstract; it doesn't form anything specific. (If you'd like to know how it was accomplished I can show you.)

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