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ACDSee 9 Pro ultimate


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Oct 4, 2014
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So after testing Corel Paintshop pro 8, and Aftershot Pro 2 and not liking it very much, I downloaded ACDSee 9 Pro ultimate last night on the 30 day free trial.

First off, the price, it is a little more expensive than 1 year of the Adobe Photo package. And about 60% of the price if you also want to do the subscription thing. The best thing I've noticed though is that I can import my LR catalogue, with hierarchical keywords-yaaaay!

So I have the same catalogue I had in LR, non destructive editing and the use of layers for future focus stacking projects. I will play around with it some more, but I think I might be getting this. They have a 20% sale on until the 19th, so I have some more time to test it.

Ultimate creative freedom - ACDSee Ultimate 9

Here was my 1st editing attempt. I know it's not straight, haven't gotten that far yet :allteeth: Anyone else around here using it?

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