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    hello darkroom friends.

    Decided to go back to B&W printing. And I grabbed a canister of Acufine off the shelf at B&H, never used it b4...but it was cheap.Anyone here have experience with it? I'm sure some of you may have, since it's been around for quite some time. :)

    Just did my first Tri-X roll in Acufine. I went by the canister recommended EI and did tri-X at 1000...and developed it for 5.5 minutes (120 film). The negatives didn't seem to have good density range. I think I'm going to try it out at 1600 next time.

    How long does this stuff last on the shelf? I also bought some of the replenisher, but haven't mixed it yet.

    You can see my photo results in the "General" forum under "Art studio pics".

    Though, I had to do some PS levels adjustment, cuz they looked too dark in the browser.

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    Acufine? Is that under the Patterson label? They did a number of developers all using 'Acu-' as a prefix.
    If it is then there is a strong probability that it is one of Geoff Crawley's. He did a lot of work on developers in the 70's through the BJP.
    I have a lot of his formulae with some data but they are all under his lab pre-fixes (FX-) so unless one of us is lucky and finds a linking reference....
    But if anyone is interested and has lab facilities and likes mixing their own I have a lot of interesting formulae - including a 'grain booster'.

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