Adobe ps and lightroom min requirements?


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Aug 18, 2015
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Looking at purchasing a laptop was thinking of going with one of those smaller HP laptops that don't have an optical drive and get one at best buy for like $180 all I'm going to use it for is Adobe cloud for the 9.99 a month Plan we have a family desktop for anything else we want to do

I just want something separate for just my photos and editing software

Here's a link to the laptop I'm thinking about buying will it be enough I'll have to buy an external hard drive to store my photos on but will it be enough to just run Photoshop and Lightroom

HP - Stream 11.6" Laptop - Intel Celeron - 2GB Memory - 32GB eMMC Solid State Drive - Blue
I don't actually know what the current minimum requirements for CC are, but bear in mind that they are the MINIMUM. Even on my relatively modern laptop with 8gb of RAM, it often takes a while to chew through a 100+mb .tif file. If all you're going to be doing is processing relatively small .jpg files, that would likely suit, but if you're going to be working with raw files, and larger formats such as .psd and .tif, that is going to be just short of a total waste of money.
That's what I was afraid of I might just have to keep everything on my desktop I shoot everything and raw just so I can go back later and change anything I like if the picture didn't turn out how I wanted
I always think that Minimum Requirements are for installation only. Yeah, you can load the apps but try working in it becomes difficult.
That laptop only had 2GB memory, so everything would be slug slow as it would do disc swapping just to load the application much less do any work.
With Windows 8 you really need 4GB to start (if not 8)

Those laptops in your link are only really good for browsing the internet.
One of the "resident IT guys" here: you're going to have a hard time with that system... While ram is important, processing power (as well as graphical) is equally so. And that little Celeron is going to have a hard time, so you're definitely going to have some interface lag and occasional freezes as it things through things or is overloaded by a background process.

$200 is a really low budget for a decent speced laptop so I did some digging for you and pulled this one that I think you'd be much happier with.

Pretty solid specs for a $350 computer! Sorry if it's out of your budget I just figured I'd give you another option. With 500GB you at least have a decent amount of storage and wouldn't need an external HD anytime soon.
It's not OUT of my budget.... Im just very conservative with my money lol I'll scour the internet for hours shopping for something trying to find it just a dollar cheaper somewhere else....
I'm in no way knowledgeable when it comes to building computers.... which is why I ordered mine. But to run Photoshop and Lightroom, bigger is better. I bought a gaming computer. It might be over kill but it never freezes or lags. But another thing to consider is your monitor. Laptop monitors usually don't display color correctly so your prints will differ from your monitor.... sometimes even after you have calibrated it. I'm not a mac fangirl but if I were set on a laptop for photo processing, I would get a mac. My desktop is an Aliengear.

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