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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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As usual I was up at 7 and headed out for some bird shots. Once again I headed up to Port Perry to see if I could get some better Osprey shots as it is close and easy. Sure enough the Ospreys were out and I managed to get my fish shots I had been wanting. For the first time I saw three there instead of two. I followed them from post to post getting shots when all of a sudden one takes off and banks into me, Cool :thumbup: Then he just keeps coming and coming and then the lightbulb goes off:stun: he is angry at me and is in attack mode. He pulled up about 20 feet over my head then banked around for another turn which by this time I was freakin :pale: no shots on the second pass. On the third and final pass I got in a few shots including the last one here of him pulling up and over my head. Just when I was prepared for his routine he was finished. The shots are poor as I did not expect to see him this close and I was not set up right but I still thought they were worth posting.

He really doesn’t look to happy here. Not that Ospreys are known for their sense of humour



Who needs coffee in the morning to wake up!

I will post more from the shoot later after I take a shower and put on some new underware.

Oh, I bet I looked really funny cowering in the field holding the camera over my head in defence. I’m glad there was no one around to see that move

that would have been freaky! so you were ready to let go of your cam eh ? :mrgreen:
welll you came out with a decent bunch of shots... the expression is menacing :D and he's looking straight at you!
That third shot is fabulous!! I mean, I love the expression in all of them - there is little doubt he is focused on YOU, you pesky photographer, ruining his morning hunt. :lol: But the third one stands out since you captured him banking AND staring right at you.

I'd have been scared to death and probably run away, like he wanted me to! :blushing: Excellent job shooting, Airic! :thumbup:

I have to laugh at that visual of you, though.... ;)
Those are SUCH cool shots!!! Talk about capturing a moment, from the prey's perspective! The bird's expression is so intense and focused. Wow.
Antarctican said:
Those are SUCH cool shots!!! Talk about capturing a moment, from the prey's perspective! The bird's expression is so intense and focused. Wow.

I would like to have seen the intense look on my face during that first shot.

awesome... is it wrong that i'm jealous that you got attacked by an osprey? loved this whole post eric, seriously LOL...
Ya, I think it was pretty cool, but at the time I just wanted to get to safety. Luckily I was beside a fence. If I was out in the open I wonder if he would have tried to hit me or at least flown closer.

NIce going Airic. Love the shots. Man.. I wish I was drivin by to see this one.:lmao: :lmao:

KInda know how you feel. When I shot a hornets was nice an peaceful, the the "snitch' hornet called the reinforcments. I ran away waving like a mad man.

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