Advertising yourself on job market?


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Oct 23, 2007
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Were would be a good place to Advertising yourself on the job market. I currently have a job in photography at a studio but I'm always looking for opportunities. Were would be a good website to put yourself out their so those studios looking for GOOD photographers can find you?:wink:
You're looking to get hired by another studio or to shadow someone?

Either way, they're not gonna contact you. Put together a good portfolio and beat the pavement.
What type of work do you do mostly Mooney?
We could probably steer you in the rght advertising market if we knew more.
Portraiture is what I mainly do but have a passion for fine art landscape too , My web site is here I was thinking that there has to be a web site out their for job listing that says you know, hey I'm available he is a link to my resume blah blah.:wink: Thanks for the help...

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