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Digi-cams like that are pretty much all the same (to me anyway). I think the best thing to do, would be to do a head to head comparison at, and show that to your friend.

If there are any features that they want, it will be easy to see if one camera has it...or if it does not.
well, here's my opinion for what it is worth:

The Kodak.

a) on that site it is rated higher in all areas.

b) there are more accessories for the kodak, a print docking station, rechargable battery with dock. and the software that comes with it is pretty simple to use for a person who doesn't know much about dig cameras.
c) I own this camera (well the model this one replaced) adn I've had no problems out of it. I bought it for my wife to use when going out and looking for a wedding dress. so she can review them on her computer at home, and how they looked on her.
One feature that the Olympus has, that I think is great for those that use point and shoot cameras, is 'image stabilization'.

The SD card of the Kodak will be more widely accepted in other cameras if she upgrades again? Maybe find out if she already has XD or SD cards for anything. That could save her a couple of bucks.
my brother has a 3.1MP canon point and shoot (cost around 120 new) and it takes some real nice pics, i think the current version is 4MP....well worth the money, if you keep the pics around 4x6 they arnt too far from using kodak max 400 film LOL. nice for a point and shoot...

canon seems to have nice lower end cameras, but i know NOTHING about any other brands, so thats all i can offer :)

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