Advice needed on prints, and pricing. (Los Angeles)


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Dec 4, 2015
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Hello Stefan ...

first off ? why posting obscure image with text instead of text ?

second - it depends, build your fame, put a frequently content on youtube channel, have a web page and you'll probably sell some prints ...

I have different strategy - I am not a pro photographer, I have my civil employment and photography is my hobby however I decided that I want be selling prints just for the matter of sake that I spend a lot of my time and energy with photography ..

I sell prints locally here in my town, I have portfolio revolving around the city and his history .. that's build upon purpose, my other photography is very different to that .. one of my the most successful prints is this one (normally I don't publish prints this side-work here) .. I've sold it physically, placed the print in two local galleries and art cafes .. I try to have it uniq so my strategy is based upon limited editions .. for this print I had 2 pieces 90x30cm and 10 pieces 60x20 ... sold out in 3 weeks
When someone asks to buy a photo you say YES! Research the cost of printing at a reputable print shop, the cost of shipping and your time, maybe add a frame as well and charge accordingly.
The problem arises when your friends think you'll sell them a picture for a pittance and you're asking $100 or so.
Make it worth your while.

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