Advice on Canon-EF-28-300mm-f-3-5-5-6-L-USM-f3-5-5-6


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Jan 21, 2012
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I am a novice to the better DSLR camera world, which I'm interested in as a dedicated hobby. I realize quality lens are where one must start, but also realize that multiple F2.8 LS macro lens can quickly add up when one wants to do portrait, macro, landscape and wild life. Thus my question of your views on whether biting the bullet and getting one lens that might possibly do eveything you need for $2700 is a viable option you would definitely consider or too compromising in your view? How much better quality could one expect with multiple more specialized faster lens and would that be worth gradually moving into. After all this is just a hobby.
Ever hear of the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none?"

Generally speaking it is very difficult for a lens manufacturer to give good quality for all focal lengths with such a large zoom (over 10X?)

I think you might be able to do better with at least 2 lenses for 2700 bucks, but I have never tried that lens before. Maybe someone who has used it before can give a better perspective.
also... quick look at amazon shows 24-70 2.8L + 70-200 2.8L (non IS) would be cheaper at about 2400... less max range but all f/2.8. I think that would be my choice if I had the cash to burn.

Then again I'm kind of a Sigma fan now so I wouldn't count them out, but maybe that's just me.
Thanks so much. I can see where that will make much better sense.
Super lens! I took this lens mounted to a 5d 2 on a trip to india, some pics here..check out taj mahal! Taj Mahel "Reflection" | Flickr - Photo Sharing! F8 made for great detail and a single lens was great in dusty places. It's big and heavy though so people will notice you but I was pleased I didn't have to keep swapping lens and could focus more on composition and sigtseeing. In the evenings though I swapped this for a 50mm f1.8. A great travel combo for people with strong arms! I think this lens is great on full frame, on cropped sensor I'm not convinced 28mm is wide enough plus you'll be using high ISO.

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