Advice on new darkroom I am building.


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Jul 23, 2003
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Akron, OH
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I just discovered that my best man's wife has an entire old darkroom sitting in her basement. She purchased it for 10 dollars becuase at one time she was an amateur photog. Now I am going to build a darkroom and we are going to share it. What do I need to check for or purchase new? I wil have more details about what is acctually in amongst all the stuff. But there is an enlarger, dveloping,fixing etc trays. A film developer can ( a design I have never seen.) A full set of lenses filters and safe lights. What might I be missing to set up my first dark room. I have been an avid reader of darkroom procedure for probably 5 years but have never had my own room. So, Oricat, e_,Motocon what advice?
woohoo!!! another darkroom junky. well, here's a list off the top of my head. i don't think i missed anything....if i think of anything else, i'll add it in.

• film tanks and reels
• an enlarger
• a light-tight paper safe
• a safe light
• a timer (kitchen timer will do)
• an enlarger timer
• an easel
• a grain magnifier
• accurate thermometer
• mixing containers for dev, stop, and fix ((at least) for film dev))
• chemicals needed for the each process (if you need more insight here, just holler)
• running water
• a sink
• four trays, preferably 11x14;
• tongs (although i use one gloved hand for moving ‘tween trays)
• film clips; for hanging processed film to dry
• small, medium and large graduates, for measuring and mixing chemicals
• about 6 large dark bottles for chemical storage
• a graduate for mixing pouring chemicals
• print washer
• print dryer
• dodging and burning tools can be created on the fly as needed
• can of compressed air
• scotch
• music

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