Advice on the Canon 10d or 20d lenses

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by GerryDavid, Dec 27, 2004.


What lense should I get?

  1. SLR with kit lense 17-80mm

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  2. Buy a 17-80mm lense seperate

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  3. Prime 50mm and 150mm

  4. Other, please specify

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  1. GerryDavid

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    I want to get either the Canon 10d or 20d. I checked the prices out on and the difference between the 20d with and with out the lense is like $600us, which seems like alot for a kit lense.

    I would like my total cost to be around $2000 cdn, so im not sure if I should get the Canon 20d or save $200 and get the 10d. The extra 2mp would be nice, and more fps and the extra 1/4000 min shutter is nice but im not sure if I will ever need 1/8000 exposure.

    I was thinking of instead of getting the 17-85mm kit lense, get a couple prime lenses but im not sure if this will save me any money. The main purpose for this camera is weddings and porterature, but I also want to be able to do nature/scenery stuff with it, and stock picture, car pictures, real estate, etc. I dont really want to limit myself. The kit lense would probably cover most of these except for wildlife, I would need a 200mm for that minimum.

    So what does everyone here suggest?

    Get the kit lense with the camera?
    Buy the 17-80mm lense seperate?
    Buy a 50mm and 150mm prime lense?

    I dont know how much those are, for some reason canon's site doesnt show prices and I havent taken the time to look them up on henry's website and b&h's website.

    Im not to concerned with fast lenses but I wouldnt complain if I had it. Also im not sure Ill want to be switching back and forth between lenses when doing a wedding. I will want to get a nice wide angle lense but thats not a priority right now.

  2. PrimaryCanary

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    I don't see the hype in the 17-80mm lens. the $100 lens is 18-55mm which is almost as wide.

    I bought the 20D with the 18-55, but I think now I would have gotten just the body and the 50mm 1.4 USM or 1.8 USM.

    Don't get me wrong, for $100, the 18-55mm is a great lens. It's reasonbly fast in focusing, and the pictures it takes are great. It's just that it's a little to plastic-y of a feel, now that I've gotten 2 other lens that were more than $100.

    Just my opinion. I've been wrong before, and I plan on being wrong again

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