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Dec 29, 2005
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Hi guys have been asked to do some work of a st-shirt and such like company.
im wondering how much to charge was thinking about £30 up frount and then 10% of sales over the next 2 years

what do you think its only a small company so dont want to price my self out of the market. sergestions idealy in uk pounds please

cheers dom
10% of what? How about a fee per X number of shirts. i.e. $X for the first print run, $Y for any subsequent run or by number of shirts.
sorry 10% of sales from that design for the first 2 years

eg if they sold 100 units of that t shirt at £10 i would get £10*100=1000/10% £100
K. Most companies tend to account for costs before they share anything. If it costs them £6.00 to make, market and distribute the shirt, then your £1.00 is 25% of their profit. Just something to keep in mind. Your cut also gets impacted by what they sell for.
fair enough just wondered if anyone had any similar exprience and see what they did befor i went and priced my self out of their range

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