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Advice Regarding Enlargements/Prints


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Aug 2, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

I have had the odd request here and there to have enlargements done on some of the photos I have taken. Obviously I'm flattered, and I appreciate the interest. Where I'm somewhat vexed is pricing. I don't have the capacity to print myself, so have to send the image for professional printing (ie. not Walmart or Costco). Naturally I have to cover the cost to print, but should I mark-up? By how much? Most recent example was an enlargement to 18x24.

In addition to this - is it appropriate to sign the enlargement. I could see it on a canvas, but on a print. My wife says I'd be nuts not to sign the print. I'm not so sure.

Any guidance re pricing/signing would be much appreciated.


printing costs just covers the cost of the printers, you can bet they marked it up when they sold it to you.

as for signing its up to the person. but if someone is buying prints from me I don't put my logo on it. they know where it came from and if people ask and you did a good job they will tell them who did the prints as well.
Signatures are usually placed on a blank print border.
So an 18x24 image would be printed on a larger piece of paper and trimmed to the final paper size.

The blank border also facilitates framing the print, particularly when the print will have a mat in front of it so the frame can be glazed (glass or acrylic).

Most pro labs can back print for you which is a way to put yout CMI on the print. (Copyright Management Information - © 2013 Your Name Here).

The print lab does not charge for the image you made, just the paper and the little bit of ink they use to print your image.

Markup should be at least 300%. Many charge for prints based on the square inches of the print.
An 18x24 is 432 sq in. At $0.50 per sq in the cost would be $216
Your cost for a 18x24 will be $30-$35 including shipping. At a 300% markup the charge would be $90 - $105.
If you opt for larger paper to facilitate signing, your cost will increase and so should the amount you charge.

18x24 is a somewhat oddball print/aspect ratio size many print labs don't even offer.
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