AE Lock and Re-Composing.


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Jan 16, 2012
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Now I typically use Single Point Focusing, (Multi never gives me the right focus point) I Focus on my subject by a half press, then re-compose and shoot. While I Spot focus my subject do i need to AE lock at the same time? I do this always, but do i need too? I was wondering if by depressing the shutter half way, there's a way it can hold my AE Lock as well as keep my focus point when i recompose and shoot. I have a canon T1i.

I've tried back focusing, but did not like it, should I? How many of you use back focusing? also How many use Single Point focusing.
Depends on the lighting. If there's a difference between your subject and whatever your camera is pointing at after you've recomposed, then you probably want to use the AE-L. If there's not much difference then it might not matter so much. Most modern cameras have settings to lock both AF and AE with the half-press if you think that'd be easier. I personally like having the option of controlling that with the separate button since usually I like to meter for the whole scene in my VF.

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