AF-Fine tune. do i leave it on..


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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i have always though my 18-200mm lens was a little off, i got my focus checker card and sure enough i needed to make a adjustment. so i have it set to -4 in the fine tune menu and it seems to be focusing better now.

i know it says it remembers which lens you have tuned but i want to be 100% sure its not going to effect any of my other lenses so my question is this,

if i am using a lens that has not been fine tuned do i need to go into the menu and turn AF-fine tune off, or can i just leave AF-fine tune on all the time. i just want to be 100% positive i can leave it on and it wont effect any other lens that i have not made adjustments too
It stores the adjustment by lens.

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