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Apr 2, 2011
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Hi there!

I'm only using Olympus E-PM1 digi cam, although I'm planning to get Canon EOS T3i 18MP (hopefully this is good choice) anytime soon . My olympus cam fell on the ground and the lens won't open, we will be having a family event this Sunday and I need at least a real camera, so I'm thinking about grabbing Kodak Easyshare which is just around $100. I know this is a total noob question, but I trust you guys. I'm looking for an affordable cam with a good performance level, something that 10 year old nephew will be proud. I promise to give him this cam.

There re a lot of choices in the price range you quote. None are really great cameras but most will do the job of 'point and shoot' in good light with reasonable quality. They are found in blister packs in pharmacies, grocery stores and department stores everywhere. Kodak, panasonic and polaroid, and some others, have them. Find one that works with 'AA' or 'AAA' batteries and you should be good to go.
Just purchased that Kodak Easyshare. :( Anyway, what Nikon cam are you using?
Nikon has such great Instant Rebates that you can get a Nikon Coolpix for less then any Kodak. As someone that has sold cameras for over 30 years if you can get a Nikon for the same or less then a Kodak, just do it!!
I'm using Fujifilm S3300, 14MP, 26x ZOOM Superwide with a "fixed" EBC Fujinon lens. Bought it for 270$. Great features and affordable.. Hoped you were patient a little. Anyway, good luck with your new cam. :D

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