Aging photos

I'd be inclined to print a copy, fold it (or tear it) and scan the result. There is probably a way to PS it, but why not do the real thing? And the image degradation by printing/scanning won't hurt if your goal is a damaged picture...
Here's what I'm thinking. Tear up, crumple, wreck a piece of paper or photo paper and scan the flattened result into your computer. Then, crop the appropriate size of the picture file you're working with and copy it into a new layer, then push the transparency down a good deal. After that, make whatever necessary changes in order to bring out the wrinkles and make it look realistic. What I'd do is manually make some sort of gradient effect with the eraser tool by gradually getting rid of the flat parts of your crumpled layer to make it look more antique than cheesy.

But hey, take that into thought and do your own thing.

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