AH completely torn between D50,D70s, XT


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May 14, 2006
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I currently have a minolta xg-m from 1981, always ending up scanning negatives in and working on them digitally. Film costs add up and hey, there are "some" cameras and lenses out there can blow it out of the water. So im entering the DSLR market... money is, somewhat of an issue. Right away i decided the D70S, then figured out the differences from that and the D50, and decided that the D50 would be a better choice because of the lesser cost> features in my opinion(yours?). Then i bring the rebel xt into the picture, it has 2 more MP, different storage capacity, smaller, lighter ("cheaper" built).. but anyways you all know that and a heck of a lot more. My question i need ALOT of help on is as follows..

D50,D70s or Rebel XT?

( I'll end up buying the standard kits rather than the body and buying lenses seperately. )

D50- $545
D70S- $965
Rebel XT- $750

-Prices from leobarnet.com
...any recommendations/better places to buy whatever i finally decide to buy as well?
The three cameras are so close in performance that it probably doesn't make any difference which you choose. Handle them, see which works best for you. Then prepare to spend vast fortunes on lots of nice white lenses. :D

I was faced with this same decision and what did it for me was getting my hands on each of them.

The D70 was the most comfortable in my hands, so I finally bought one.

Whatever you choose you will not go wrong. They are all great cameras.
While I cannot talk about the XT (I already had nikon lenses) I went with the d70s over the d50 for a few functions that were not to be found on the d50. The biggest one I did not want to do without was a depth of field preview button. Doing macro work with extention tubes makes it hard for me to gauge how much depth of field I have to work with without acutally being able to press the button and see. That right there was worth it for me.
D70S is a notch higher than the other two models you've listed.

The duel then must be between either
XT(350D) and D50
20D and D70s.

I'd say, toss a coin!

I'd also pay a close attention to these words -
Rob said:
Handle them, see which works best for you. Then prepare to spend vast fortunes on lots of nice white lenses. :D
I have the D70, a guy who works for me has the xt. I love mine, but i like his a little more??? That work for ya?

Shop around and what ever kit is on sale and comes with nicer lenses at the time, get that one. Skip the d50. The D70s kits have been on sale a lot lately, due to them pushing the d200......:drool: ohh the d200 :drool: I want one.
Torus34 said:
Why choose? Buy all three and be done with it.

I just about did that. Canon 20D and Nikon D50. :p I actually bought the Canon first even though I already had a bag full of Nikon lenses. My decision was based on the fact Nikon glass can be used on Canon EOS mounts with and inexpensive adapter.

I am not sure about Minolta lenses to either type but may be worth looking into either way you go.

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