Ah crap...

All the people i know who have set up thier own wedding business have been assistant wedding photogs before hand. I'm not sure why you'd want to advertise wedding photog if you've never done one........ its not as easy as it looks! However there may be someone who can answer your questions on here, or alternatively you could search through some of the previous wed threads.
I'd be honest about the fact that you haven't yet done a wedding. Offer her some of your best portrait shots and a reasonable price and see if she takes the bait.
One thing you could do if you were serious about becoming a wed photographer is to try and gain some free experience. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is a wed photographer and i'v tagged along with her before, just to see what goes on and do a couple of pics. Maybe you could volenteer to a local company to do some free work experience?.... just a thought.
When I first started out, I told them flat out, that my lack of actual wedding experience was the reason my prices were lower in my area for work of the same level.
I was fortunate to have assisted on some, and so I had some shots to show them from weddings.
The main thing is to make sure everything is clear before the work starts and that no one is disappointed in the end. The client picked you for a reason. Experience or not; be confident in your skills and vision. Discuss exact details of the shoot and payment etc.
sorry if i sounded patronising i didn't mean it like that. All i meant was is i'v heard some horror stories from first time experiences like when my friend did her first wedding i.e... she couldn't get people to do what she wanted, .... she missed a few textbook set up shots, and to top it all none of the shots she did with film came out as the camera had jarred. So what i meant was you could be great with a camera (which i'm sure you are) but a large percent of shooting a wedding is how to arrange people, what shots to take etc....
I'm doing one later this year and my photogs ok.... but i'm makeing sure my friend can get the day off to help direct me and make sure i dont miss anything. Which is another idea for you... if you can get your friend to help out that would be a great start for you.

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