Ahhh Refreshing Beach..................


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Dec 24, 2005
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Just a few shots from the coast ..........I know the horizon isnt perfect in the second one, but I made up for it with the serene calm in the fourth one....lol




agreed, these are really nice. the first is also my favorite, the 'path' in the water and rocks really draws you in. The tone/color/contrast of the second is better though, if it were the same in the first then it would reaaaally pop nice. where were those taken if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks for the compliments... I might try to play with that first one a little more... its tough to pull the sat out without adding a lot of noise.. It was a cloudy day so a lot of the color was gone to begin with... I might try contrast though.... hmmm might be the ticket!!!

These were Corona Del Mar , 6 miles west of Laguna Beach here in Orange County , California... crossstreets PCH and elm/orchid

I wish it wasnt so cloudy..lol april showers huh...
..refreshing beach??...how can you swim on that big rocks..LOL..

but the last one i like it..really great shot! excellent man..!
awesome shots, thor, really enjoyed these... not sure how i missed them the first time around... :thumbup:
1 and 2 are awsome shots, the colors are great and the pictures are very crisp

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