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Jun 17, 2007
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So, I am tired of contracting out my album designs and would like to do them myself. I am not proficient (nor do I really want to be) in photoshop. I can do the basics... blemish removal, etc. But I really have no desire to invest an insane amount of time learning to build album layouts.

I am looking for a album design software that has templates that are perhaps drag-and-drop and somewhat change-able/customizable. I certainly want some control over the outcome, but without spending endless hours watching tutorials on how to design one page.

I am currently using pictobooks and I am adding graphistudio to my album options. I am exclusively Macintosh.

any thoughts on possible software? I don't want to say that cost is not an obsitcle, but I do realize that the software will pay for itself quickly.
Graphi made their album design software avaliable for free...didn't they? Is that what you are using?

Asukabook has 'AsukaBook Maker' software for download. It has several pre-made templates.

Some others that I've heard of...
LumaPix FotoFusion
PhotoJunction Remix
If you do not want to bother with learning Photoshop you are better off continuing to send your pictures out to a 3rd party to create your albums.

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