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Jan 22, 2008
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Hello, Just introducing myself here.
I'm Bill and I am in the Army here in Hawaii. I am no where near a professional but I have been lurking around here for a while and I admire a lot of your work. I hope to share a few of my good ones when I can. I think that I just get lucky every now and then with a good one.

Thanks for having me.
Well I am on Oahu and I live on Wheeler. I love the Islands and I hope that Uncle Sam will let me be for a few more years but it's not likely. Where did you move to?
Well, I lived in town, off Ala Moana, right at the Ali Wai, off Hobron.

moved back to D.C./Nova. Better half is with the Pentagon, but not military. We both have universal trades and to date, hawaii was the best stay.
I have to agree with the move here so far has been the best location but many, many friends in VA and NC.
I hear ya, enjoy your time. I see you have made it to the east side. I was on the island for a while, a long while, if you need any help/tips, lemme know, happy to help.
:grumpy:Don't be too jealous, this Georgia boy works for Uncle Sam and I have spent more time off island than on...
Nope, Army here.. But the water is nice here....lol
Welcome aboard, soldier! ;)

Glad to have you here.
I see it different... i thank you for allowing me to do it.
Hi Bill, Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us, please don't be a stranger. And please post a little of your background play ground.

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